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Multi-Focal Implants: ReSTOR Lens

Now there is a revolutionary way of leaving your glasses and contacts behind. Multi-Focal Lens Implants are new artificial intraocular lenses (IOL’s) that replace the eye's natural lens, which is removed during cataract surgery.

We now have available an intraocular lens that provides you with a quality range of vision in one optical system: ReSTOR Intraocular Lens. The ReSTOR lens is like two lenses in one: one refractive lens for distance, and one diffractive lens for near. ReSTOR is not dependent on movement of the lens but has a unique Apodized Diffractive optic that offers a full range of vision in a single lens, resulting in the highest level of spectacle freedom post cataract surgery. The optical design of the lens distributes light between near vision and distant vision to accommodate vision at a range of distances. Please visit for more information.

Dr. Ben Mackey is an approved ReSTOR surgeon, and has implanted dozens of ReSTOR intraocular lens implants. Take the next step to better vision and contact Dr. Ben Mackeyto learn more about this unique technological advance.