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Multi-Focal Implants: Crystalens

Crystalens is an intraocular lens that can treat both a person's cataract and presbyopia (loss of near and intermediate vision). The Crystalens IOL uses accommodation technology; it changes the focus of light by moving within the eye when the eye’s focusing muscle contracts. The Crystalens can give back your full range of vision. Please visit for more information.

Dr. Ben Mackey is an approved Crystalens surgeon and has implanted many of these lenses. The Crystalens HD is the newest version of this lens and has been shown to give excellent intermediate and near vision without the side effect of glare and haloes that can occur with the other multi-focal lens implants. This is the only “accommodating” implant which means it actually moves within the eye similar to how the natural lens works.

Please contact Dr. Ben Mackey for further information regarding Multi-focal Implants and which lens suits your eye the best.