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Humphrey Visual Field Testing


Formal visual field testing is critical in the diagnosis and follow-up of many eye diseases and Humphrey is the gold standard for this testing. We have a new visual field machine that uses a modern scheme called SITA to test your visual field. The differences are more accurate and quicker testing. Our machine also has the capability to test for glaucoma using the "blue/yellow" test. This test has been shown to pick up glaucomatous damage in it's earliest stages. We are excited about the possibilities this machine has brought to our office and patients.

Nidek YAG/Green laser combo


There are about 20 different procedures in ophthalmology that use laser energy to accomplish their goals. Several years ago, we acquired the Nidek YAG/ Green laser for our office, enabling us to perform multiple diabetic and glaucoma, as well as post-cataract, laser procedures without the need for a hospital or surgery center visit. The Nidek laser is of the highest quality and having it in our office provides even more convenience for our patients.

Real time imaging of retinal pathology–Stratus OCT

Superior calculations for intra-ocular lens implants – IOLmaster